We are always looking for volunteers, teaches and assistant teachers. The St Albans Finnish School is run completely on volunteer basis. If you don’t want to commit to anything regular you can help by tidying after school and baking for the café. If you think you have a little capacity to help out with the running of the school please take a look below and see if there are any parts of any of the roles you could assist with, and come talk to us!


  • Chairs AGM and committee meetings 
  • Ensures decisions made in committee meetings are implemented
  • Is responsible for grant application together with Treasurer and Educational Officer
  • Signs on behalf of the school together with Treasurer when required
  • Represents school and ensures connectivity together with Educational Officer
  • Joins teacher meetings when possible
  • Submits Charity Commission Annual return
  • Prepares Trustees’ Annual report for AGM
  • Thanks volunteers (and arranges gifts) in Spring and Christmas parties
  • Takes care of renewing yearly insurance


  • Chairs AGM and committee meetings if chairperson is unavailable
  • Takes care of DBS checks for all trustees and teachers


  • Takes care of accounting and bookkeeping including storing bank statements and other relevant financial document
  • Prepares Financial summary of previous financial year (Sep-Aug) for AGM
  • Signs on behalf of the school together with Chairperson when required
  • Takes care of invoice payments and expense payments
  • Takes care of cash floats 
  • Monitors bank accounts 
  • Makes payments to teachers
  • Is responsible for grant application together with Chairperson and Educational Officer
  • Maintains student and membership lists


  • Maintains email distribution list
  • Ensures school room reservations 
  • Maintains volunteer and teacher lists
  • Monitors Suomikoulusta@gmail.com email 
  • Greets and directs new members to classrooms
  • Takes notes in committee meetings  


  • Represents teachers in the AGM and committee meetings
  • Runs teacher meetings 
  • Advises, guides and helps teachers in their yearly planning 
  • Arranges classes and assigns teachers based on each year’s demographic
  • Prepares Educational summary of previous financial year (Sep-Aug) for AGM
  • Trains new teachers and teaching assistants

TEACHER (paid role)

  • Plans lessons together with head teacher
  • Runs the lessons, supervises assistant teacher


  • Assists in running the lessons
  • Supervises and helps children in class


  • Takes care of internal/external communications (email, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Maintains website and keeps it updated
  • Creates adverts and targeted campaigns around events (start of school year, xmas bazaar…)


  • Responsible for maintaining the Finnish library
  • Arranges acquisition of new books when required
  • Maintains inventory of books


  • Runs the Finnish shop (organises volunteers, ensures supplies, pricing)


  • Runs the Finnish cafe (organises volunteers, ensures supplies, pricing)