4th and 18th November, 13:00-15:00 at Oaklands College

We have arranged for professional dance teacher Sanna Karhu to teach you and your children traditional Finnish dances such as tango, humppa and waltz. These two sessions will take place after school at Oaklands College, and will last two hours each. We expect to begin with the livelier dances so that children can be included from the start, and to “Finnish off” with more formal steps.

Learn some moves in preparation for the Suomi 100 Gala event where Uusikuu will be performing. Or just come along for some fun. These sessions are for all ages, and they are free!

To take part, email iirishalmari@hotmail.com and indicate number of children and adults that will be coming.

The lessons will be in the Discovery Centre in Oaklands College, off Hatfield Road. View map of Oaklands.